Academic Curriculum

Curriculum and Instruction Management of Lertlah Petkasem Road School English Program and International Program

Lertlah School has developed our own curriculum through integrating the core curriculum of the Ministry of Education with the core curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Canada using English for instruction in order for our students to gain knowledge alongside Thai culture. There are two programs provided; English Program and International Program. They are as follows:

1. English Program

  • Nursery – Kindergarten 3 Accepts students who are 1.6 to 3 years old. The school provides 50:50 Thai and English instruction
  • Primary 1 – 6 The school provides English instruction in Science, Mathematics and English

2. International Program

  • Kindergarten 1 – 3 Accepts students who are 3 years old or over. The school provides 80:20 English and Thai instruction
  • Primary 1 - Middle School 3 The school provides 80:20 English and Thai instruction. Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, Health, Physical Education, Computer and Arts are taught in English.

English Instructing Innovation
“ GrapeSEED English Communication Solution ”

Lertlah School has introduced an effective English instructing innovation called GrapeSEED English Communication Solution taught by native English speaking teachers. Eventually GrapeSEED will be taught from Nursery to Middle School 3. There are 40 units in total. This innovation assists students to develop their English listening, speaking, reading, writing skills and also helps them to think in English which helps build up their confidence and to be able to use English like a native English speaker.