25 years of quality in education management at Lertlah School as the leading English Program School with the objective to make all students morally-sound, competent and happy . English Immersion Methodology from Canada is applied at Lertlah School to develop the students’ proficiency in learning English as a second language naturally. Moreover, the school has provided the program: GrapeSEED English Communication Solution to develop students’ English skills to their highest potential and be able to use English in communication as native speakers. Following are some of the reasons for the school’s pride.

  • Lertlah School is the only school which is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Canada as follows
    • An Associate School Affiliated with the Ministry of Manitoba, Citizenship and Youth, Canada (MECY)
    • Educational and Academic Exchanges with the University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Lertlah School is recommended by the Ministry of Education to be a model English Program school for other public schools.
  • Lertlah School is the leading school that teaches English effectively with the English instructing innovation called GrapeSEED English Communication Solution. Thai and Foreign teachers from private schools all over Thailand have come for observation and training in English teaching techniques.
  • Lertlah School is a center to support and send our highest level students abroad and for cultural exchange programs. There are a number of foreign schools  interested in sending their students for language and cultural programs at Lertlah School.
  • Lertlah School was awarded “Excellent” by the Ministry of Education for being the school that introduced teaching in regards to virtues and ethics.
  • Lertlah School was accredited “Excellent” by the International Standard Education Accreditation. The first time was in 2014 and the second time was in 2017.
  • Lertlah School was awarded “Excellent” from The Clean and Green Project by Bangkok.
  • Lertlah School was awarded “Excellent” from the Nanmee Book Reading Club.
  • Lertlah School’s librarian was awarded “Excellent” for supporting and encouraging the students’ reading from the Nanmee Book Reading Club.
  • Lertlah School’s student was awarded the gold medal from the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad for Primary Schools 2017.